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Introduction Scope of the Agreement

We offer services and products including, but not limited to:

  • Messaging (including SMS, MMS, RCS, IM, Social Platforms)
  • Number Rental (including Mobile Long Codes, Geographic Long Codes, Toll-Free Codes and Short Codes)
  • SaaS Web Platform (including all features and automations)
  • API Services (Allowing developers to use the Services)
  • Integration Services (Allowing customers to connect Burst SMS Singapore to external Third party services)

Customer agrees to purchase the Services pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in this Terms of Service and the below referenced agreements, policies and exhibits (Collectively referred to as the ‘Agreement’).

In the event of a conflict among any of the components of this Agreement, precedence will be given to the Terms of Service.

Authorization and Effectiveness

The account creator represents to Burst SMS Singapore that he or she is a duly-authorized representative and signatory of the entity named in the account and that the information provided is complete and accurate. The corporate entity named in the account accepts the Terms of Service and the Exhibits. The Agreement shall be effective on the date at which time the account is created and verified. The Agreement contains the legal terms and conditions that govern our provision of Services and your use of and access to the Services. You are entering into the Agreement with Burst SMS Singapore. By creating an account and electronically accepting the Terms of Service or using the Services, you agree to and are legally bound by the Agreement. If you do not accept all of the terms contained in the Agreement, you may not use the Services. Any individual person, who accepts the Agreement on behalf of an Entity, represents to Burst SMS Singapore that it has the authority to bind such Entity to the Agreement. In the Agreement: (i) the Entity represented by the individual accepting the Agreement; or (ii) the actual individual, where the individual enters into the Agreement as a sole proprietor or trader, shall be referred to as “you” “your” or “Customer”. If you have a Prior Agreement, it shall be deemed terminated (to the extent it covers the Services provided pursuant to these Terms of Service. Burst SMS Singapore and Customer agree that the non-binding date for the start of the Services will be the date on which the account is created and verified, hereinafter referred to as the “Service Start Date”. The date for the Service Start Date may be adjusted at our sole discretion, in which case we will notify you of the revised Service Start Date.